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First Motorola Texel Shot Leaked?

Illustration for article titled First Motorola Texel Shot Leaked?

We've already seen the Motorola's upcoming music phone the Texel in blurry slide form, but this appears to be our first shot in greasy finger form. And other than its need for a serious wipe-down (was the photographer snagging this shot in between motocross heats?), we're digging the sleek button layout and the large screen with plenty of real estate for additional touch controls. And even when the Texel turns out to be just another ROKR with a new name, 3.2MP camera and 3.5mm headphone jack, at least we're slowly getting our vowels back. And that's a start. [jampb]


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Are Motorola going to name their phones after Dutch islands now? That is, for as long as they're still making phones... I can't wait for the phone with this name! More to the point: that's the first Motorola in a long while I consider even moderately sexy.