Motorola has presented four new phones for 2008 in Amsterdam: the Motorola Skarven, the Motorola Z12 X Pixl, the Motorola E10 Texel and the Motorola QX Genghis. The first two belong to their new ZOOM classification, which means they are camera phones: the Skarven packs a 8MP camera for photos and a standard VGA for videoconferencing, along with 3G, Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS. The X Pixl was designed with Kodak and will have a 5MP camera at the beginning of 2008. The Texel and Genghis are completely different beasts.


The Motorola Texel is part of their new group of music phones, which will be grouped under the ROKR flag. Same touch surface and similar design to the ROKR E8, with a 3.2MP camera. According to Unwired View, this will be released in the first quarter of next year as the Motorola ROKR E10 3G.

And here's the Motorola Genghis, which belongs to the third group of handsets: Multi Q. These are business oriented phones with full QWERTY keyboards which will be available in different colors, because executives have the right to wear pink like everybody else. [GSM Help Desk]

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