<img src="

" class="
center" width="460" height="126" style="display:block;float:none;" />I don't know why I keep giving IGN's queen of the ivy league, Gerry Block, exposure. I should be doing the opposite, shielding loyal readers from his hijinx and dearth of wholesome personality. But here he is, using his $160,000 dollar Columbia education to scoop a Wireless Wii sensor bar by Nyko. GBlock, your parents must be as happy as mine that I write about crap for a living.


Let me save you the read: Gerry benchmarks it hard, and discovers it to be slightly more powerful than the standard Wii bar, and its 30-hour battery life not too shabby. Gerry likes the switch, which "ameliorates" (Ivy league word) the issue of forgetting to turn the bar off by beeping after an hour or two. That's it.

My take: Just use the wired one. And stay clear of Gerry.

Nyko Wireless Wii Sensor Bar Review [IGN]

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