First Paramount Blu-ray Titles Spotted on Amazon

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The first signs of HD DVD's ultimate demise may be coming from the UK on March 10. After the news on Universal and Paramount abandoning the exclusive HD DVD deal, it seems that Amazon UK is listing three Paramount Blu-ray titles with that definitive release date: Trading Places, Coming to America and Anchorman, the latter of which was never available on Blu-ray before (as far as we can see). Amazon UK doesn't list the HD DVD versions, and these are all new Zone 2 releases, not US imports. Could this be an error on Amazon's part or just a sign of things to come? [Format War Central]




@my favorite car is a motorcycle:

Umm, why? Cloverfield was still shot at a higher quality than a DVD will support. Watch the trailer in 480 and 1080 MOV's straight from Apple's site, then tell me you can't see a difference there. The movie was shot in HDCAM and FilmStream, so most of the source was 1080 i or p, and it was edited in 1080, so I don't see anything that would preclude it from being released on Blu-Ray.