First person to find the Sun wins! The rest of you die!

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Misdirected to the wrong planet, the smartest kids from all over must compete in the Sol Invictus. Here's the rules, find the Sun and matter what (or how long) it takes. Watch the trailer for Sol now.


Created by the Obsidian Collective, Sol is the gritty Stargate spin-off we really wanted. And now we finally have a trailer! Could this be the first of the new rise in nightmare-challenge films (a la Hunger Games)? We certainly hope so!

"Sol" is a sci-fi motion picture event set in the distant future on a hostile alien planet. It follows a group of ambitious young adults as they embark upon the prestigious Sol Invictus competition in a quest to win fame and glory. The rules of the game are simple but dire: each of Earth's finest Academies sends their best and brightest to a remote planet in a race against the rest. The first team to pinpoint, out of all the stars in the sky, which one is Earth's faraway sun — Sol — is the winner. But no one goes home until the games are won... A glorious life awaits the lucky few who win, and many have died at the hands of their peers along the way with no questions asked. But visions of victory crumble as the teams are marooned on the wrong planet with most of their teammates missing - along with all of their equipment. What starts as a game for glory soon descends into a race for survival as former enemies must band together in the bleak hope of surviving long enough to win.


[Find out more at Sol Movie]

By Day and By Night (De día y de noche)

To fight overpopulation, first time director Alejandro Molina's future world has divided its citizens into two halves: night and day. The entire population of one city is split into night shifts and day shifts. Sadly, sometimes this means breaking up a family. Watch as one family unit revolts against their government-forced separation. It's scheduled to screen at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Check out an 8-minute reel over at Quiet Earth.


Check out the Mark Hamill's next movie Airborne (which borrows from the Inception score). Set after 9/11, this film supposedly shows off a secret government conspiracy constructed to protect us all from threats in the air. But who will protect the innocent victims? Are they innocent as all? What the heck is Gemma Atkinson doing in this? These questions (and more) in the new trailer.

As a snow storm closes in, one final plane takes off. The plane reports to the ground that both pilots are dead, while the slowly dwindling number of passengers on the plane wish that they'd never left the ground.


[via HeyYouGuys]

Alois Nebel

Based on the graphic novels by Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99, here's the official, rotoscoped teaser trailer for Alois Nebel. It's a story about a man and his train-centric nightmares (but it's really so much more than that). Seriously, it's very awesome. I promise.

The end of the eighties in the twentieth century. Alois Nebel works as a dis­patcher at the small railway station in Bílý Potok, a remote village on the Czech-Polish border. He's a loner, who prefers old timetables to people, and he finds the loneliness of the station tranquil - except when the fog rolls in. Then he hallucinates, sees trains from the last hundred years pass through the station. They bring ghosts and shadows from the dark past of Central Eu­rope. Alois can't get rid of these nightmares and eventually ends up in sanatorium.

In the sanatorium, he gets to know The Mute, a man carrying an old photograph who was arrested by the police after crossing the border. No one knows why he came to Bílý Potok or who he's looking for, but it is his past that propels Alois on his journey...


[Alois Nebel's Official Site via Twitch Film]

Apokalips X

End-of-the-world Malaysian gang wars! Is there anything better? (Short answer: no). Based VERY loosely on the gang film Crow Zero, Apokalips X shows us all what we will become when the world falls. Which is apparently well-leathered punks with swords and motorcycles. So where do we sign up?