First trailer for Vamps shows Downton Abbey's Cousin Matthew between the sheets with a vampire

At long last, here's a trailer for Vamps, the comedy that reunites Clueless director Amy Heckerling with Alicia Silverstone. It's a story about two lady vampires trying to make it in New York — but the real meat is in the side characters, including Sigourney Weaver and Cousin Matthew (Dan Stevens)!


Sure, it looks super cheeseball, but it's Heckerling and Silverstone together again, of course we're going to see it. Plus any Downton Abbey cast member will always sweeten the deal.

Here's the synopsis:

Goody (Silverstone) and Stacy (Krysten Ritter) are addicted to the night life, clubbing, hooking up and alwayslooking for the next thrill, all the while keeping a big a secret-they happen to be modern-day vampires. But even with lifetimes of dating experience behind them, the duo realizes they still have a lot to learn about love when Stacyunexpectedly falls for the son of a vampire hunter, and Goody runs into the man of her dreams from decades earlier.

With their destinies at stake, thegirls are faced with a difficult choice; give up their eternal youth for a chance at love, or continue to live their uncomplicated fabulously single lives forever.

Vamps will have a small release in select theaters on November 2nd, and will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 13th.


Benny Gesserit

Love it.

And shouldn't Silverstone be appearing in a "Dorian Gray" movie since she's obviously not ageing any longer?