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Fisheye iPhone Lens Balances Its Ridiculousness with Equal Parts Charm

This fisheye lens from Japanese company Digital King is absurdly bulky and not at all practical. So we sort of love it.

Attaching to the iPhone through a magnetic metal mount system (you'll need to mod your iPhone with a metal sticker, it seems), this $100 "extremely high quality lens" stretches your iPhone's field of view to epic proportions. If only the phone's integrated camera were of a decent resolution, all this fuss may be worth something. Until that day comes, we're just glad to have come across the product for another 30 seconds or so of amusement. [DigInfo and Digital King via CrunchGear]


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So... they don't ask you to remove the plastic lens that covers the sensor.

Could sticking an extra lens on top of the plastic really raise the image quality?