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We've seen all manner of SLR trickery in the past, but Bhautik Josh has cobbled together a fisheye camera from a soda can. Sounds totally MacGyver, but he's put the steps up on his blog for you to try out.


Josh is an SFX engineer who loves the effects a fisheye camera can produce. I'm a fan too—but usually just in Lomo form. I'd certainly give this soda can trick a whirl though, which costs under $20 to make. It can be mounted to a Canon EOS DSLR, and while it's not much to look at, the photos it produces are nothing short of brilliant. Saturated colors, lens flares, and of course the fisheye effect which makes everything look more fun than they actually are—they're all there.

The adapter to connect the tin camera to the Canon camera cost Josh about $9 off eBay, with all the other parts coming in at less than that. Definitely worth checking out if you've got some time on your hands for fooling about with a Coke can. [Cow.Mooh.Org via Wired]

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