Fitness App CEO Speaks Out Against Trump: 'CREENOM Y RU'

Image: Strava
Image: Strava

Like many in the tech industry, Mark Gainey, CEO of run-mapping app Strava, used his position to condemn President Trump’s immigrant ban this week. Unlike anyone else, however, Gainey did so in his own peculiar native tongue: the language of routes.

“This one is for our immigrants,” wrote Gainey alongside a run that (if you squinted really, really hard) almost looked like it said “FREEDOM 4 ALL.” “Remove the ban and think clearly about what truly makes this country great”

Presumably recognizing the legibility issues with the CEO’s message as it appeared on its website, Strava posted a map of his route from an alternate source on Twitter:


What Gainey’s (somewhat misguided) effort lacked in clarity, however, it more than made up for in creativity. And whether we’re black, white, man, woman, natural-born citizen or refugee, it’s good to be reminded that our hearts all cry out as for the same thing: creenom.

[The Verge]

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Creenom 4 RU!! The battle cry of a generation.