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Flash and Aura Get Slimy to Fight a Tentacle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I definitely fought one of these angry tentacle trees in the "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks" AD&D module, but I didn't receive any aid from nubile ladies like Aura. In this clip, some weird extraneous plot device compels Aura to strip down to her red corset and short shorts, cover herself in oil (!!!), and rescue Flash from the aforementioned tentacle tree. This is a perfect distillation of everything that makes the SciFi Channel's Flash Gordon great: teensy red costumes, flailing enemies made of rubber, shouted dialog, and at least one extremely toothy monster that literally goes, "Roooorrrww!" Spoilers ahead, weirdos.

Also included in this episode are: one scene where Zarkov pretends to get stoned; one scene where the "female scientist" working for Ming is hypnotized by toothpicks stuck in her forehead; one extremely "why am I here" looking Caribbean witch who tries to have an accent and pretends she's in Pirates of the Caribbean; and one scene where Dale cries and acts like a total pussy as usual.


Mostly the plot revolved around Aura's good-guy Deviate brother stealing Ming's stolen water, handing it out to the poor, and then getting blamed when the water (poisoned by Ming) starts killing people. So Flash has to rescue Good Deviate from some Bad Leatherboys who are mad about the water thing, and that's when Flash and Aura tangle with the tangle tree. Eventually the witch, who is apparently acquainted with the tangle tree, gives them the antidote to the poison water. The hypnotized Female Scientist goes on the radio and denounces Ming as the bad guy, he gets mad, then everything is back to normal. Tune in next week for more of Aura's fucking awesome outfits.