Hey, trivia fans. Here's your chance to win a super comfortable Gamepod home entertainment gaming chair that hooks up to your iPod, MP3 player, CD player or even your home entertainment system.

There are speakers in the headrest so you can relax and "feel" the music, all the while putting your feet up on the comfortable Ottoman. All you have to do is answer these simple trivia questions related to Sci Fi's Flash Gordon series, and mail the answers (all in one email) to contests@gizmodo.com (That's contests with an "s.")


Sponsored by Flash Gordon: A Sci Fi Channel Original Series. Premieres Friday August 10th at 9/8C.

1) What does the Lone Ranger have in common with Flash?

2) What cloying "character" was introduced to appeal to the little ones?

3) We all remember the Peloponnesian War from ancient history class (or, maybe not. Thanks Wikipedia!), but what was the name of the equally long conflict in the Flash Gordon series?


4) What is the rumored tragedy that befell the real life Princess Aura?

5) What connection does Rose DeWitt Bukater have to our beloved Flash Gordon?

6) There is evidence that Mel Brooks may be a Flash Gordon fan. What would that be?


7) What famous pair of lips have uttered the words "Flash Gordon"?

8) Nerd Alert! Flash Gordon was parodied in what 2003 video game?

9) What do the producer of Silence of the Lambs and Jake Lloyd have in common?

10) Quick, Six Degrees of Hans Zarkov! Topol to Madeline Zima, go!