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Flatshare Fridge Separates Your Roommate's Rotten Food From Yours

Illustration for article titled Flatshare Fridge Separates Your Roommates Rotten Food From Yours

If you've ever lived with a roommate who seems to enjoy experimenting with mold in your communal fridge, you can probably appreciate this invention from Austrian design student Stefan Buchberger. The Flatshare Fridge, one of nine finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2008 competition, consists of up to four stackable modules on top of a base station. Each module can be further customized with add-ons like bottle openers or a whiteboard. Buchberger said he decided to create Flatshare from personal experience, after discovering that "there is nothing more disgusting than a dirty fridge in a shared flat." I had one of those experiences. One former roommate had made a creamy fruit salad in the fall, and plum forgotten about it when she moved out in the winter. I could've sworn the monstrosity that greeted me three months later asked me if I was the Gatekeeper. [Flatshare Fridge set via Electrolux


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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

They need this at the workplace too. I left one of my well thought out meals, which I forgot about after pizza started better, in the fridge for a good month in a half until I heard people complaining about the smell. I thought the coast was clear so I ran in grabbed it and took it down the back stairways to the dumpster and threw it in without looking. It made a lot of noise so I went to look... it was the only bag in the dumpster and it had my friggen name written on it with bright orange marker. It was 100 degrees out that day too. Oh well. At least I don't work their anymore.