Flexline 100 Digital Camera from Rollei only Marred by Color

So, what is it about the number 100 today? To celebrate 90 years in the business, Rollei is bringing out the Flexline 100, a very minimalist digital camera that looks a bit smartphone-esque once you flip it over.


The backside slightly resembles a smartphone that's been covered in that fantastic plastic with the leather wrinkles that was all over cameras in the Fifties and Sixties. And, despite the slightly twee Disney-esque icons, you've still got to admit it's a bit of a looker – as long as you don't go for either the blue or pink options. So that'll be the black, Modom.

For all its simplistic design, the Rollei packs a bit of a punch. (Well, I say that, but we're talking Lilliputian proportions here, not Brobdignagian). There's a 10 megapixel CCD sensor, an internal 3x optical Apogon zoom and 21 programmes, including smile and face detection. Add anti-red eye touchy-uppy, a high-speed serial pictures function that gives you 30 pics per second, and all of this for just 200 euros ($287). It's just a shame you can't phone out on it.

[Let's Go Digital]


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