Flickr, Snoopify, and More

These days, you can't turn around without some new photo-sharing app being thrown at you. And if you can't beat 'em, you might as well go along for the ride. We've got two of the newest right here for you, plus a speedier way to browse on your phone that's finally out of beta.


Flickr: Sure, Yahoo just about killed Flickr, but now it's trying to restore its former glory with a redesigned site and a totally new Android app that lets you access your Flickr pics from anywhere. On top of that, you're now getting a full terabyte of storage for free. That's apparently 70 times more than any other service offers you, and probably more space than you even need. [Free]

Opera: Opera for Android is out of beta and waiting to be downloaded for free in the Play store. It offers some features to speed up mobile browsing—but it's probably too late to steal Chrome's lead. [Free]


Snoopify: Do you need to cover photos of you and your loved ones with Snoop-themed stickers? No, probably not. Should you? Yeah, sure, why not. Snoop Dog Lion's newest app venture jumps on board the photo-sharing, sticker-plastering, emoji-drawing, celebrity-backed, and pretty-much-any-other-cliché bandwagon you can think of. But most importantly, it's fun. And that's something we all could use. [Free]

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