Floating City in the Sky Brings You Closer to the Heavens

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I can't think of a better place to escape the honking horns and suffocating smog of city life than a floating botanical city in the sky. Built on water, it's a lily pad for human civilization.

The idea behind Green Float, as Shimizu calls it, is to create a future living solution that is completely natural. So instead of planting plants in your front yard to feel good about yourself, it's actually living in the plant. A gigantic plant that is home to a self-sustaining botanical city that has a carbon negative footprint, that is.

The city is a series of floating cells that look like lily pads. The cells are connected together to form modules and modules are connected to form units. 1,000,000 people make a unit. At the center of each cell is a 1km high skyscraper that houses residential, commercial, and office space at the top. The stem of the tower acts as a vertical plant farm and the base can serve as a beach and place for oceanfront townhouses. Even in conceptual botanical cities, ocean views are desirable of course. Power comes from renewable sources like solar and wind, no word whether the solar plant from the moon will beam lasers to these lily pads in time.


It all sounds wonderful but it's sort of funny that we have to build a natural botanical city in order to co-exist with nature. Guess man made nature is better than Mother Nature. [Shimizu via Inhabitat]

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Now we're shooting for carbon negative? That will be just dandy until all the plants die of asphyxiation.