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Flu Pandemic Causes Soup Delivery Explosion

Illustration for article titled Flu Pandemic Causes Soup Delivery Explosion

In case you hadn't heard, pretty much everyone in America has the Flu right now. It's bad for economic productivity—unless you work in the food delivery business, in which case, the listless and miserable are a boon for business. The online food ordering service Seamless reports huge month-over-month increases in some classic sick people cuisine.


We asked Seamless what foods had seen a spike in orders as the flu epidemic has engulfed our nation. The average daily orders for chicken noodle soup are up 36 percent. Meanwhile, daily Gatorade orders are up 20-percent, and both matzo ball soup and orange juice are up 15 percent. Wow!

We just hope those delivery guys are carrying around hand sanitize, because oof, talk about a text-book disease vector.


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Can you please stop with the hysteria? Most people, in fact, do NOT have the flu. On average 5 to 20 percent of the population gets the flu. That means 1 in 5, at the most, which is a long way from "pretty much everyone in America". You're as bad as Fox News.