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Fly Like an Underwater Superman...Aquaman?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Getting dragged behind a boat is no fun. Getting dragged behind a boat but underwater is freakin' awesome. At least that's the idea behind the new Subwing system.

Invented in 2010 by Simon Sivertsen, the Subwing works like a fish's fin—or the Rocketeer's helmet. Pressing the leading edge of the device down will cause the rider to dive, pulling it up causes him to surface, and twisting it left and right changes direction—at least as much as the 15 feet of lead rope will allow, you are being towed behind a boat at up to tow knots mind you. The board is actually split into two independently-swiveling parts which allow you to spin through the water as well.

The Subwing is available in three versions. The Fiber Glass is made from—Anybody? Anybody?—fiberglass and epoxy and retails for $700. The Carbon Matte and Carbon Glossy are both made from a 6K Twill Carbon fiber and retail for $850 and $895, respectively. My only concern is how do you come up for a breath on one of these while moving at speed? [Subwing via Neatorama]