Flyrad Unicycle is Like a Motorbike Where the Wheels Are Your Skates

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As long as your feet are cloaked in skates, the FlyRad unicycle can then be used to drag you along at up to 40km/hr. You can even sit on it, or stand—it's a plethora of silly transportation options!

The unicycle is due to go on sale sometime next year, with the German company telling of three sizes, fit for adults, teenagers and kiddywinks. Now the whole family can ride a poor man's Segway! The adult size actually has a 500W motor (powered by a 36v battery), and can ride for up to 50km after charging for four hours. As it weighs 24kg I wouldn't want to be lugging it home after the battery drains away, so you'd have to be sure to charge it up properly. [FlyRad via GizMag]