Focus-Broken Canon EOS-1D Mark III to be Fixed Soon

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Although we were highly impressed with the $4500 Canon EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR camera when we first saw it last winter (check out our video of it snapping off 10 frames per second like a house afire), the high-end super camera turned out to have a goofy problem: Its autofocus didn't work in bright sunlight. Canon has reportedly agreed to fix the camera's AI servo autofocus defect, and if you're one of the unfortunate early adopters of that mofo cam, you can call 800 828-4040, give your serial number to one of the Canon reps, and they'll call you when they have the parts and you'll get your camera fixed right up, maybe even in the next couple of weeks. So much for being an early adopter. [Rob Galbraith, via FM Forums]

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Yeah, I'm having a bit of trouble with my 40D in low-light situations. Especially when taking fast action pictures.

I did fine for the last 4 years with my 10D, but it seems like the 40D just can't pick up on definition as well as the older camera.

In one game I was focusing on the near side tight end just to get the actual focus on the quarterback.

Thats about 4 yards difference.

(of course I'm not exactly shooting in a college or pro stadium)