Canon EOS-1D Mark III Shoots 10 Frames Per Second

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Click to viewCanon announced its high-end 10.1-megapixel digital SLR, the EOS-1D Mark III, capable of slamming down 10 motor driven frames per second using the next generation of its image processing engine, the Dual Digic III. Canon says the APS H-size CMOS sensor inside is its most light-sensitive yet, capable of an ISO range of 10 to 3200, and that can be pushed to 6400.

The Mark III also has Canon's first live-view LCD screen on a digital SLR. This will give users the ability to compose shots in the camera's 3-inch LCD viewscreen as well as the optical eyepiece. Plus, the camera can connect to a PC via USB 2.0 to enable viewing of the shots on a computer screen as well. The camera will also include the EOS Integrated Cleaning System which vibrates for 3.5 seconds to clean off dust, just like its lower-cost brandmate the Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

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Canon wasn't quoting pricing for the EOS-1D Mark III yet, but did say the camera would be shipping sometime this spring.

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