Foldable Wireless Keyboard Bets on NFC For Cordless Conquests

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Choosing the path less taken by connecting to a device using NFC in lieu of the more common Bluetooth, Elecom's new TK-FNS040BK wireless keyboard skips the hassle of having to always pair with your gear at the cost of a considerably limited range.

The joy of NFC is that it draws considerably less power than a Bluetooth connection, and just automatically connects when a compatible device is near. But you'll need to keep your phone in close proximity to the keyboard to maintain the connection. And apparently it requires an accompanying Elecom app that will only be released to a select number of Android devices. A limitation that could hinder sales, but nowhere near as much as the keyboard's $240 price tag will. [Elecom via Akihabara News]

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Travis Knight

Oooor.... I could just type on the on-screen keyboard in a more comfortable position, and not waste my money? If you want a bigger screen, grab a tablet. Or a laptop. Or a desktop. That is one inelegant solution to one very ritzy champagne problem.