Abus has been making its unique bike locks that fold away like a carpenter's ruler for years now. But it claims the latest iteration—the Bordo 6000 Ecolution—can be broken down and fully recycled when you no longer need to secure your bike.

Instead of protecting the 5 millimeter thick steel bars with anti-corrosive rubber, Abus uses a new synthetic coating made from natural fibers that's completely biodegradable. The Bordo 6000 seems like a win-win solution—an eco-friendly lock that's small and easy to store when folded away. But because of all those riveted joints that are each a spot for the lock to fail, Abus only recommends it for use in medium theft risk situations. Which kind of sucks giving they're asking $150 for it. Thankfully, there are more reliable and cheaper alternatives out there. [Abus via Gizmag]