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Folding Lens Promises Slimmer Cams in the Future

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Think your Exilim is pretty thin? If the engineers at UC San Diego have their way, you ain't seen nothing yet. They're working on a new telephoto lens that unlike today's lenses, can be folded allowing for a smaller, slimmer camera, which can then be used on spy planes, in cell phones, or to make your Exilim rail thin. But don't trade your Exilim just yet. The "origami lens" is still going through some tweaks before making it's debut.


Press Release [via Gadget Lab]

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I think we should just stop all this slimming down of already pocket-sized gadgets and just start implanting them in our bodies. Like a phone in your tooth that you dial with speech and vibrates the small bones of your ear. Then it won't matter what they look like and and we can save room in our pockets for more important things, like tape.