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Together you can create something beautiful, namely a $100 gift card in your pocket. Go here, hunt around for trivia facts, and answer the questions after the jump. Correct responses could earn you a $100 gift card to revamp your style with the PUMA Archive Collection. Standard Rules Apply.

Trivia Questions
• In 2000, PUMA entered a partnership with what 2 companies to produce fireproof footwear for race car fans?
• What was the first product to have a bar code?
• True or False: Jerry Seinfeld owns over 500 pairs of mint condition white sneakers?
• How many different color combinations are possible on a Rubik's Cube?
• In what year was PUMA the first manufacturer to offer sports shoes with Velcro® fasteners?


Email all 5 correct answers to, one lucky winner will be selected at random.

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