Footprint Fireworks Were Faked into Olympics Opening TV Show

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A local Beijing paper has revealed that some of the amazing fireworks in the Olympics opening show were digitally-crafted fakes, inserted into the live TV feed. The Beijing Times quotes the head of visual effects, who says that the 28 giant footprints that stomped through the air above the city, ending at the stadium, were advanced CGI. Though the pyrotechnics really were set off, the airborne camera view that the rest of the world watched was fake. Why go to these lengths? Apparently the Olympic committee decided that to follow the real trail of firework footprints was too dangerous for a helicopter camera. Instead a team spent almost a year crafting the fake segment, paying attention to even get the smog lighting effects correct. [The Telegraph]


...Most comments were mislead by the original post from Giz, the fact is that they did have these giant foot fireworks, but they were not filmed and broadcasted, the broadcasting part was CGI which was done before the actual thing. That's what Chinese meant by it was a mixture of real event and graphic images. Giz, you need to correct this lol.