Footwear Projection Mapping Is a Kickass Way To Sell Sneakers

Forget celebrity endorsements or extreme action footage, if you're a footwear designer who really wants shoppers to buy your sneakers, take some inspiration from Craig Winslow's marvellous projection mapping exhibit. Instead of just sitting on a shelf, the shoes come to life with animations and a series of wild designs.


A pair of Merrell Bare Access 2 shoes completely wrapped in a form-fitting white suit appear to magically float over a white pedestal. But the real magic starts when a projector turns the static display into a free-standing commercial that could in theory be used to show off all the ways to configure the shoe, and all the extreme adventures someone could have while wearing them. Velcro, your title of world's greatest shoe innovation is officially in jeopardy. [Craig Winslow II via Notcot]



This is a pretty cool technique. I recall it being used sometime ago to create an awesome show of crazy designs and stuff on a building. It made it look like the building turned into cubes and then it fell apart and a whole bunch of other awesome stuff.