We all know what spoiled means, but for the truest definition of the word you don’t need to look any further than this miniature monster truck designed for kids that’s powered by a real four-cylinder Ford engine pushing it to a top speed of 25 miles per hour.

It’s roughly half the size of real monster trucks like Bigfoot and Grave Digger, and it’s custom-built with a seamless two-inch steel tube roll frame that’s strong enough to endure crashes and rollovers. The mini monster truck is of course also four-wheel drive with a two-speed transmission, and it includes hydraulic steering, a nitrous system for more impressive jumps, nitrogen-powered shock absorbers, a winch to pull it out of trouble, and a set of 40-inch treaded tires for crushing bicycles, wagons, and Power Wheels.


There’s even a GoPro camera permanently mounted behind the plastic windshield so your kid can record themselves terrorizing your neighborhood. So is $125,000 too much to ask for one of these? Maybe, but just think back to when you were eight-years-old and how desperately you wanted to get behind the wheel of Bigfoot. Now your kid can. [Hammacher Schlemmer via 7Gadgets]

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