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For $20, Make Your Own Ebooks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

OK, sure, that Winnie the Pooh iBook looks pretty slick. But what about all of those real books that are gathering dust on your real bookshelf? Well, with this Instructable, those too can become (slightly less slick) ebooks.

You'll need a spare digital camera, but these days it's not unrealistic to think that you might have a generations-old point-and-shoot kicking around that you haven't touched in a year but can't throw away, because, you know, who throws away a digital camera?


Once you've got that, it only takes $20 in supplies and a few hours of labor to complete this "Portable, Paperless, Digital Copy Machine," as its creator describes it. The rig keeps your camera steady and pushes the pages flat from above, eliminating the usual flat-bed copier guesswork.


Sure, you could save yourself the trouble and just read the real thing. But you can't pinch to zoom in real life. Just pinch to tickle. [Instructables]