For $367,500, This Clockwork Machine Will Save You the Hassle of Writing Your Own Name

Are you a billionaire suffering from wrist cramps brought on by the endless stacks of checks you need to endorse? A two-dollar rubber stamp is one solution, but more befitting of your fiduciary status could be Jaquet Droz’s Signing Machine, which uses sophisticated clockwork mechanisms to flawlessly recreate your signature.

Jaquet Droz, named after the late eighteenth century watchmaker and automaton builder Pierre Jaquet-Droz, designs and builds old-school mechanical masterpieces using springs, gears, and cogs. The company is mostly known for its watches now, but four years ago, to help commemorate its 280th anniversary, Jaquet Droz revealed the Signing Machine which has only now become available to order.

The devices are built made-to-order as each one requires a custom mechanism to recreate the pen movements necessary to emulate a customer’s signature—a copy of which needs to be included with your order. You can also choose to have the machine’s housing adorned and decorated any way you’d like, but those are the kind of extras you can expect when you’re spending $367,500 on a machine such as this, and possibly even more, depending on how complicated your signature is.


Make no mistakes about it, this is a luxury gadget designed for billionaires who like to show off their luxury gadgets.

[Jaquet Droz via TechCrunch]

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Wonder if one can be build out of Legos for a few zeros less...