For One Glorious Tweet, McDonald's Was Woke

Photo: Instagram/Donald Trump

Ronald McDonald has had enough of Donald Trump’s bullshit, and he’s taken to McDonald’s official corporate Twitter account to let him hear it. What finally tipped Ron over the edge? Was it Trump’s second failed attempt at a Muslim ban, his proposed 31 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency, or maybe his obviously ludicrous Obama wiretapping claim? Who knows. The tweet has already been deleted, but not before whoever was running the account pinned it to the profile.

Well said. Image: Twitter/@McDonaldsCorp

Let’s give a big hand to one of America’s gnarliest companies. For decades, the company has pumped out disgusting food that makes people sick, but now it’s standing up to our country’s orange fascist. McDonald’s, we salute you. We’ve reached out to McD’s for comment and will update if we hear back. If you know anything more, shoot me an email.

Update 3/16/17 10:26 AM: McDonald’s has reached into the grab bag for corporate responses to tweets it ends up deleting and has pulled out...uh...our account was hacked. Ok, sure!

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