Ford Inspired by Chocolate Bar For New Lightweight Plastic

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It may not be available in the US, but American car company Ford looked to Nestlé's Aero chocolate bar for inspiration when designing their new ultra-light plastic for their cars. Hoping to make a lighter plastic for better handling and accelerating, but not compromising its strength and durability, they examined the bubbly honeycomb-like substance the chocolate is made from, and replicated it in plastic.


Not only is it 20 per cent lighter, but the MuCell plastic can be produced more efficiently at up to 33 per cent more parts each hour. Better yet, it won't cost Ford any extra to produce.

If you're considering buying a Focus, C-MAX, Grand C-MAX, S-MAX, Mondeo or Galaxy car in the next couple of years, I'd say that's good an excuse as any to wrap your gums around an Aero chocolate bar—even if it is from Nestlé. [GizMag]

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American's Don't have Aero bars? It's very odd what we take for granted here. Aero bars aren't really even that great. Gimme a box of Nestle smarties any day.