Ford Sync In-Car Audio System Coming This Fall for $395

Illustration for article titled Ford Sync In-Car Audio System Coming This Fall for $395

The Microsoft/Ford partnership in-car audio system, officially dubbed Sync, was priced today as a $395 option on this fall's Ford Focus, Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles. Sync integrates your digital audio player and/or cellphone with your car's stereo system, allowing you to control your listening experience via voice commands or the on-wheel buttons. Worried about that looming texting while driving ban? Sync will read your text messages aloud so you can keep your eyes on the road. Ford plans to integrate Sync into nine additional 2008 models this year. [News, and Digg badge is Jalopnik's]

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What they should do is come up with a sync type wire for each device.

Most devices that can sync with a computer have USB wires included when the phone is bought or a firewire.

So..............Most cellphones will be compatible.

Zune and Ipod i dont care for because I dont have an ipod or a zune i use my phone.

So really im good. What they should also do is include a USB port because like every1 knows different carriers decide to use different ports for cellphones. A USB and a firewire port.

That will open the possiblities of a ext. hdd in your car streaming your music,videos, etc.

And that will open the possiblities to mem. card readers (High Capacity SD cards). And also you could just connect your computer and it'll probably pop up on your computer as a Media Edition computer.

So basically this has endless possibilities im goin2 stop rambling now. Thats a smart move we're moving forward. Ford should take Toyota's Moto/Slogan. (Moving Forward)

Obviously the program will have to be cracked because i doubt they'll put a HDD in a Ford thats bigger than 100GB.