Ford's Wireless Brake Lights Warn Other Drivers There's Traffic Ahead

Illustration for article titled Fords Wireless Brake Lights Warn Other Drivers Theres Traffic Ahead

In an attempt to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents on the world's curviest roads, Ford has developed an experimental brake light that lets vehicles behind you know there's slow traffic ahead, even if they can't see your lights.


The enhanced brake lights include a wireless transmitter that sends a signal to following vehicles which activates a light on their dashboard indicating there's slow traffic ahead. It's less useful on straight stretches of road where you can see an upcoming traffic jam well before you have to slow down, but when visibility's limited due to bad weather, or on twisty roads where there could be stopped traffic just around the next bend, it gives drivers ample time to ease off the accelerator instead of having to suddenly slam on the brakes.

Ford hasn't said if or when it plans to implement the new technology in upcoming models, but it's a step towards vehicle-to-vehicle communications which will assist in everything from improved traffic and weather reports, to new forms of anonymous road rage. Exciting times. [Ford via PSFK]

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Great, another mandatory safety item to increase the price of vehicles.

Who in their right mind thought $100 valve stems were a good idea?