Forest In a Box

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In a public plaza in Oosterdokskade, Amsterdam, DUS Architects installed the Unlimited Urban Woods. On the outside: a non-descript white box with a few square meter footprint. On the inside: a forest as far as the eye can see.


Using a series of strategically angled mirrors, DUS made the illusory forest from just a single full-size tree. Hedwig Heinsman, one of the architects behind the project, said, "It's a space with its own horizon, where you can flee the city in the middle of town." Of course, all those mirrors mean that you'll always be sharing your forest-in-a-box with a whole crowd of people who look uncannily like yourself.

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So no peaceful solitude in these woods, but at least you know you'll never get lost. [WebEcoist and Frame Mag]

Note: Not to be mistaken with the other forest in a box.


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