Forget Amazon, Hachette Is Selling Books on Twitter

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Book publisher Hachette is no longer in a blood feud with Amazon, but it's already experimenting with new, Bezos-free online selling options, just in case. The latest: An experiment where best-selling Hachette authors will be able to sell their books directly to fans on Twitter.


Hachette is partnering with Gumroad, a company that helps people sell stuff on Twitter. The first patch of authors includes crowdfunding enthusiast Amanda Palmer, gentle Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, and The Onion. There will be a "buy" button so people won't have to leave their feed to spend money on books.

Twitter has experimented with a "Buy" button and is not shy about its intention to turn into a storefront. It acquired payment startup Cardspring for that exact purpose. This Hachette experiment underlines that companies are seriously looking at Twitter as a potential marketplace. Now it's just a question of whether people want to buy things on Twitter at all. [New York Times]



The devil is in the details. What format will they be using? The problem is that Amazon's format works best if you're moving between and among devices. You can start on an eink Kindle and pick up where you left off on an Android or iOS device or even your laptop. Epub is nice but then it won't work with those same kindle devices but you can upload to Google books and use it seamlessly on all your mobile devices but eink.