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Twitter's New "Buy" Button Lets You Make In-Tweet Purchases

Illustration for article titled Twitters New Buy Button Lets You Make In-Tweet Purchases

Twitter has been fairly upfront about its plans to offer "in-the-moment commerce experiences" ever since it acquired CardSpring just a few months ago, but now, it's official. Starting today, some users will see the option to buy products directly from the tweets themselves.


For now, only a select group of artists, brands, and charities (Burberry, (RED), and Pharrell, to name a few) will be able to sell products with the new button, but presumably, there will be quite a few items and deals exclusive to the brave new mall that is Twitter.


Stripe will be processing the payments on Twitter's behalf as well as saving credit card info, so once you make one purchase, you can buy all the Megadeth (another launch partner) swag you want with a single click. [Twitter]

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I'd love to have the kind of money where I can buy Burberry on a whim from a tweet.