The days of obnoxious, crowded air-travel are still here for most of us, but the elite just got an upgrade. Boeing just started putting out a version of its Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 747-8 that sports the Aeroloft, an eight-person sleeping area.

Located between the plane's upper deck and tail, the Aeroloft features eight separate sleeping berths, and one changing area for them to share. They don't seem like the most luxurious sleeping areas, but when you are flying through the sky in a gigantic man-made bird of steel, you take what you can get. One big master bedroom might be more comfy, but maybe some of your staff needs sleep too.


BBJ 747-8s with Aeroloft have already been purchased from Boeing, all from Head-of-State types. It shouldn't be surprising considering having beds on a plane is far from necessary for most, and planes are expensive. The pictures of the Aeroloft aren't exactly the best, probably because it's cramped in there. But really, how much do you need to see in order to fantasize about the flying-while-sleeping-in-a-bed-not-a-chair flying experience you'll probably never have? [Boeing via Gizmag]

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