Forget the Freezer, This Device Frosts a Beer Glass In Just 10 Seconds

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When you want a frosty cold one, you usually don't have the time to wait for your pint glass to actually get frosty sitting in a fridge. So you probably settle for a less satisfying can or bottle—a compromise you'll never have to make again with this countertop glass frosting contraption.


The device connects to a CO2 tank or cylinder you'll have to provide yourself, and using an over-sized spout it fills a glass with a frosty blast that will have it chilled in about ten seconds. A triumvirate of AA batteries powers a set of blue LEDs that add to the freezing effect (but not the process) and the whole unit clamps to the edge of a bar or table to prevent it from blasting off—maybe.

The only downside is that in addition to the cost of topping off a CO2 tank ($20 plus $5 a refill) the unit itself will set you back a hefty $400. Which means that all of a sudden drinking from a can that was floating in a cooler minutes ago doesn't seem like such a hardship. [Hammacher Schlemmer via 7Gadgets]


Brent Rose

Seems like this would add a lot of extra CO2 into the air. If it was a small bar that wasn't particularly well-ventilated... eh, you'd probably be okay.

The Booker and Dax bar in NYC uses a splash of liquid nitrogen in each glass to chill it before pouring a drink in. It looks awesome and works really well, but for home use, it's not so practical to keep an always-filled dewar of liquid nitrogen.