Format War Non-News and Rumor Smash: Wal-Mart Didn't Order 2M HD DVD Players

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Remember those rumors that Wal-Mart was going big in HD DVD and ordering 2 million cheapo Chinese HD DVD players? Yeah, that's not so true. Fuh Yuan, the company supposedly taking the orders, just posted a correction regarding the orders, saying they "had not received yet." Wal-Mart just asked them for a cost analysis and timing appraisal, and may choose them to provide the players if everything looks dandy. Did you know Fuh yuan is supposedly, according to a translation in AVS forums, going to IPO soon? Convenient.

Wal-Mart itself said they can't comment on whether there was a deal brewing, but did say they plan to sell both Blu-ray and HD DVD until one of them sucks slightly less than the other.


In more non-news, we called it that Blu-ray would only be winning for another 5 minutes before HD DVD threw a statistic in their favor across the wires. To the Blu-ray's millions of discs sold, HD DVD is actually at 998,059, just 2,000 units of Blu-ray's million disc march.

That's why I call it non news.

Wal-Mart Shoots Down Cheap HD DVD Rumor [PC Mag - Thanks Keith!]

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I think that not a single BR or HDDVD disc has been sold to an average consumer. In fact, there is a some rich dude out there that each month buys a couple hundreds thousand of the other format. He is kicking back laughing as we declare 'Blu-ray is the leader', 'No, wait, HD-DVD is the leader', 'Oops, it looks like ..'

Ha ha ha.. Don't rich people know how to have a good time? I can't wait to see which format he buys next.