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Former Palm CEO Says It's Not 'Game Over' For The Company, But I Think They Need More Quarters

Illustration for article titled Former Palm CEO Says Its Not Game Over For The Company, But I Think They Need More Quarters

Despite facing an uphill battle, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein was very optimistic about WebOS's prospects today at the Dive Into Mobile conference today, stating that they wasn't out of the smartphone os race yet. I want to believe you Jon, I really do...


Here's the problem though, Jon: when your parent company—ahem, HP, ahem—seems a little too excited about shoving your underrated smartphone OS into a godforsaken printer than they do about cranking out smartphones and tablets, one has to wonder what that means for the longterm prospects of WebOS.


But admitting past shortcomings was a good first step of self-realization, Jon. Now come out at CES with some exciting new products. Preferably ones that use that secret virtual keyboard. [Bits]

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Step One: if you're desperate for support from app developers, DO NOT CHARGE $100 A YEAR to publish apps in your market. This applies to both Palm and Microsoft. They have a lot of catching up to do, and I'd love to pump out a few little apps on both platforms, but as a guy working out of my basement I can't afford a $100 a year commitment to support platforms that I might not make any money on.

At least on Android it's a $25 one-time fee so if you don't make any money it's not a great loss. $100 a year is outrageous if you want developers to take a chance on you.