Fossil Unveils Kinetic Watch

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Kinetic watches are one of the coolest timepieces available and if you haven't enjoyed one, we suggest starting with this baby from Fossil. There are two models available, the FS4171 (left) and the FS4132 (right) and both of which retail for $95, which is pretty considerable for a nice kinetic watch.


Kinetic watches use the motion of your arm to wind and charge the watch, so no need for any kind of battery or electricity nonsense. Although, if you don't wear the watch for a couple days you will have to reset the time. Worried if an EMF field disrupts all batteries and electronics? Have no frets, you will be able to keep track of your slow demise with these kinetic watches from fossil. I think i missed the kinetic watch day in EE class, I guess they would have to store the energy somewhere and an EMF disruption would screw it up. Bloops, my bad. Thanks, Kenneth.

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