Four Asshole Magical Girls Must Stop The Rise Of King Arthur

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Kel McDonald, creator of the long-running webcomic Sorcery 101, messes with magical girls in her latest webcomic, Misfits of Avalon. But these superpowered teens would rather cut class and get into meaningless brawls than save the world.

Morgan and Elsa are the kind of high school enemies who are almost friends. Dealing with a lousy home life, Morgan confronts the world with a bad attitude and pair of fists to back it up. Elsa, meanwhile, fancies herself a sort of troublemaking queen bee, but is quietly jealous of Morgan's superior brains and brawn.

Then a talking dog shows up with a mysterious mission for Morgan. He's from a mythical island called Emain Ablach and he needs Morgan's help retrieving a certain sword. Morgan's not about to take orders from a least until she finds herself stuck with magical girl powers she doesn't want and a tartan outfit to match. Elsa sees an opportunity to finally one-up Morgan, and soon they're the first two members of a horrible monster-battling team.


Anyone who has read the supernatural soap Sorcery 101 knows that McDonald has a real affection for magical worldbuilding, and Misfits of Avalon is steeped in Irish mythology, which she has placed on a collision course with Arthurian legend. But her greatest talent lies in character creation. Morgan and Elsa's contentious relationship—at once snarky and familiar—feels immediately real, as does the lopsided nature of their rivalry. And while McDonald's characters are jerks on the surface, there is more lurking in the background of their lives.

That's not going to make it any less funny when they figure out the identity of the mystical sword they're looking for—or who they'll have to fight to retrieve it.


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