Four Surprises from the Steve Jobs FBI File

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Gawker has unearthed Steve Jobs' FBI file for us all to lay eyes on. Contained within are things most of us knew (or at least suspected). He had enemies? Duh. Drugs? Of course! But there are a few gems that caught our eye.


We've always joked about the reality distortion field when it comes to the Apple press conferences, but the phrase came up repeatedly in the FBI's investigations all the way back in 1991:

Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs' honesty stating that Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals.

At least you can't argue with the results!

Apparently one of Jobs's friends and/or associates was thoroughly impressed that Jobs subscribed to Eastern philosophies but "still associate[d] with reputable people"?

He advised that the Apointee lives within his means financially, however, based upon his newfound religious beliefs, the Apointee lives more of a spartanlike and at times even monastic existence. He added however, the appointee still associates with reputable people. He also advised that although the Apointee is not an engineer in the real sense, he understands the base technology and technical jargon to the extent that he is an innovative force within the technical community, in terms of the contributions he has made.

Buttressed by a nice little dig at his tech chops.

Also, in case you're wondering, Jobs graduated high school with a 2.65 GPA. Young, unmotivated stoners should all feel confident that they too will be worth billions someday.


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Oh, bonus bit! It's completely unrelated to Steve Jobs, but the FBI's fax page is beyond goofy. Even they have room for some levity.

Check out more details from the report over at [Gawker]



Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Why did he have an FBI file? Was he being investigated for some reason?

Edit: NM, Gawker explains it: "The file consists of a 1991 background investigation conducted when Jobs was being considered for an appointment to the President's Export Council in the Bush I White House, and records of a 1985 bomb threat against him."