Fourth Xbox 360 Configuration Coming Up?

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There's a big keynote coming up tonight at E3, and snoops from the Gamerscore Blog caught a shot of the rehearsals for that presentation. Well, well, looky there: There's a fourth Xbox on stage. Wait a minute, we thought there were only three configurations on sale. Let's see, we have the Core, the Premium, and the Elite, but what could that fourth one be?

Our blood brothers at Kotaku are betting it might just be a lower-priced unit for casual gamers. Just look how the boxes are positioned there on the stage. The black one on the right must be the Elite. Maybe that gray one on the left is the new model. Perhaps it's a box that would appeal more to the video downloaders than gamers.

The real deal is tonight at 7:30 Pacific Time, and our ace reporter Jason Chen is on the scene, getting his pants ready in case there are any products worthy of occupying space within. [Kotaku]