Fox to Offer $15 HD Movie Downloads Weeks Ahead of Blu-Ray Release

The New York Times is reporting that 20th Cenutry Fox is going to offer high-quality movie downloads weeks ahead of Blu-ray release using the DRM locker service UltraViolet. Costing around $15 a pop, it's planning to start with the upcoming release of Prometheus.

The Times reports that Fox will typically offer downloads three weeks ahead of their Blu-ray launch, and that's it's also planning to work in conjunction with streaming services like Netflix to offer similar deals. Later this month Prometheus will be available for download in about 50 countries.


Fox tried to launch a similar download service last year, but offered downloads just two months after theatrical release—which understandably upset theater owners everywhere. This new announcement is more conservative, but it remains to be seen how successful it will be. [New York Times via Verge]

Image by Pinkcandy/Shutterstock

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