Foxconn Building Apple Tablet for September or October Launch?

Taiwanese paper Apple Daily reports than Hon Hai Precision Industry—aka Foxconn—is building the Apple tablet using previously rumored 10-inchish screens from WinTek and a battery from Dynapack, for launch in September or October.


AppleInsider says that Dow Jones carried the report as well, though it comes from a paper less well-known than say, DigiTimes. The September or October launch date Apple Daily reports is slightly more aggressive and definite in its time table than the Financial Times report that came out this weekend, which simply said that Apple "racing to offer a portable, full-featured, tablet-sized computer in time for the Christmas shopping season."

A morbid thought, but if Foxconn is building the tablet, what if the tablet was the prototype Sun Danyong lost before he was driven to suicide? They wouldn't say he lost the mythical Apple tablet, after all.


AppleInsider still thinks it's coming in 2010, for what it's worth. We still think never trust rumors. [AppleInsider]

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