Foxconn Raising Wages By 30% To Combat Suicides

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There's not been confirmation to Monday's report that Apple would be giving a percentage of their profits to Foxconn factory workers who produce their products, but Foxconn's doing their bit in offering financial reasons for its employees to stay alive.

It must be difficult, knowing your family would receive the equivalent of ten years' salary if you had an "accident" whilst on the job. Any employee carrying any sense of guilt or desire to repay their family for raising them, whilst suffering from a crippling lack of motivation and happiness working a tedious job, would understandably consider the huge financial pay-off their family would be given.


That's why it makes so much sense for Foxconn to raise wages by at least 30 per cent, bumping up their monthly wages from around $130 to $175. The pay-rise will be effective immediately, and with any luck we can see a slow (or even full stop) made to the last six months' worth of suicides at the Shenzhen factory. [NY Times via SAI]

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I find this quite comical. Especially when there were so many people clearly saying

"Foxconn's suicide rates are in line with Chinese averages."

When they would compare the numbers they would compare Foxconn's quarterly numbers to Chinese annual averages.

Clearly something is wrong.