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Foxconn Scrapping Suicide Compensation To Stop Deaths

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Aha, now this is all making much more sense. Foxconn raised wages by 30 per cent, and then a further 66 per cent on top of that—and now has scrapped the compensation for families of the deceased.

CEO Guo Tai-ming confirmed that the compensation received by families of those who committed suicide (equal to ten years' salary, at 110,000 Yuan, or $16,100) would no longer be offered, hopefully halting the reason many took their lives in the first place. Motivated by the possibility of getting the 66 per cent payrise depending on achieving certain performance targets should increase enthusiasm amongst workers to an all-time high.


Also announced by the Foxconn CEO was that they're looking at shifting some of the factory work from China to either Taiwan or Vietnam, perhaps to take some of the heat off its well-populated Shenzhen factory. [ and Huanqiu via Engadget]