Frank Ocean: Novocane

You may not know it, but every Gizmodo post has a soundtrack. A few times it's in our videos. But most of the times it's hidden. It's the stuff we listen to when we write. The music that inspire us.


Starting today, we are all going to start posting the songs and albums that make our gears roll and our hearts pump. Hopefully they will inspire you too.

Sometimes it will be rock. Others hip hop. Or house or disco or pop or blues or soul or an 8-bit video game track. Sometimes it will be new stuff. Others it will be old things. Whatever is playing, whatever we believe you may like too. Some of you will hate it, some of you will love it. We don't pretend to be music experts. We aren't bloody Pitchfork. We just like stuff. But whatever the results are, hopefully we—the writers—will be able to connect with you—the readers—at a new level.

You know, to show you another part of the soul of el Modo del Giz.

I will start the ball rolling with this amazing mix tape called Nostalgia/Ultra, by Frank Ocean. Really atmospheric and groovy. Novocane, the song in the video above, is the second theme. It's the kind of music that makes me want to fuck off to a beach, to snooze all day besides my girl, eat seafood, and then dance and drink all night. Instead, I've been playing it often while writing around this time, a neat bourbon by my side.


You can download the whole mixtape from here (for free!) I hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Oh, and this goes the other way around. Please, post your current soundtrack in the comments, with links to YouTube videos and where people can download (if it's free) or buy (if it's not).




frank ocean really? you just lost 1,000 cool points.

he embodies everything that is wrong with hip-hop (and music in general) today: all of the hype, none of the talent.