FrankenPhone Brings Mouse and VoIP Phone Together, But Why?

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The VoIP phones just keep on coming, and now there s a mini-battle going on between two companies chasing after the same questionable idea—combining a mouse and a phone all in one. First out of the gate was Sony with its Mouse Talk phone, and now trying to top that is Taiwanese company Sysgration with a VoIP flip phone that not only doubles as a mouse but has a monochrome screen inside as well. Details are sketchy at this point, but the phone is said to have easy switching between its mouse and phone functions and even includes a mouse wheel in a clashing green color. Sysgration claims it was once the second-largest mouse manufacturer behind Logitech, so the company probably knows its way around mouse manufacturing and design. Sysgration is currently heavily involved in VoIP phones as well, so perhaps this Franken-phone could amount to something. Only problem is, what do you do when you're on a phone call and you want to look up something on your computer? I guess that, along with pricing and availability, haven't been worked out quite yet.


It s a mouse, it s a phone; no! it s both!! [Phoneyworld]